Emotional Libertarianism in Polyamory: Are We Responsible for Other People’s Feelings?

[Emotional libertarianism] does have some merits: it champions individual autonomy, motivates people to work through their own trauma independently, and discourages people from becoming overly reliant on their partners for emotional reassurance. However, as with anything, this can be toxic when taken to an extreme and used as a tool for abuse.

Why You Should Disclose Polyamory in Your Dating Profiles

As a polyamorous person operating in a mostly monogamous dating pool, it can be extremely frustrating to have to explain your situation over and over again, only to be met with rejection most of the time. However, an even worse scenario would be leading someone on into thinking you're someone you're not, only to be rejected with far less understanding (and probably far more anger). Do yourself a favour, and disclose your polyamory in your profiles. It's the right and efficient thing to do.